The Cedars at Tetbury

 About the Cedars Pre-Prep



All children are entitled to up to 15 hours per week of free childcare. Most families can in addition to this claim for a further free 15 hours (if both sets of parents are working or the parent is a single parent).  The Cedars Pre-Prep School is opening in order to meet a very heavy demand of spaces required in the Tetbury and surrounding areas for the 15 and 30-hours entitlement to offer free and more flexible childcare to parents, so that their children can be in early years education from the Term after they turn 3 years.


 Our Cedar’s Pre-Prep opened 05 September, catering for 16 children, whilst we await the new purpose-built building. From approx. Spring 2019 we are aiming to supply this for 32 children. If you have just the 15 hours and want to attend for additional hours, you can pay for these weekly in advance at a rate of £4.50 per hour.  There are no other costs as parents/carers will need to provide all of their children’s food.  

Due to the low (no) costs, all attendance is Termly. We do not do part-terms unless there is a space and you want to join part way through a Term, i.e. people new to the area. All notice periods are one Term. There may be a financial penalty sought if you fail to provide the setting with the correct notice periods, as you may be taking away a space from another child to attend in your child’s place. The Term will run in line with the local Gloucestershire school’s time tables.

 It is important to make you aware that the FE hours are of no monitory value. The FE hours are claimed for the whole Term and there is no discount for any child absences as the FE hours are non-refundable childcare only. 

The Cedar's are able to use the amazing facilities at Tiggers, including a large outdoor area, a forest school, allotment and orchard, lots of animals, a music room and large carpark.

To find out if you qualify for 30 hours please visit and apply online.


Important Notice 

 Codes must be reapplied for every 3 months. This is the parent/carer’s reasonability to apply and provide the nursery with the new codes before the old code expires. Failure to have an eligible code “live” on the claiming portal denies access to the additional 15 hours funding.  


 All children are entitled to the first 15 hours automatically with no code required.



Being Part of the Cedars


The Cedars Pre-Prep recognises the importance of child welfare and safeguarding, which is a top priority at all our childcare settings. To give peace of mind to parents at the Cedars, the Pre-Prep room and outdoor space used has CCTV installed, which is recording at all times, 24 hours a day. All entrances to our premises are securely monitored and no one is allowed to enter the premises without prior arrangement.


The Cedar's Opening Times

Monday: 9 AM – 3 PM [School Day], Half Day Sessions or 8 AM - 6 PM [Full Day]


Tuesday: 9 AM – 3 PM [School Day] or 8 AM - 6 PM [Full Day]


Wednesday: 9 AM – 3 PM [School Day], Half Day Sessions or 8 AM - 6 PM [Full Day]


Thursday: 9 AM – 3 PM [School Day] or 8 AM - 6 PM [Full Day]


Friday:  9 AM – 3 PM [School Day], Half Day Sessions or 8 AM - 6 PM [Full Day]


Morning Sessions 9 AM – 12 PM [Packed lunch not required]


Afternoon Sessions 12 – 3 PM [Packed Lunch Required]



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Tiggers Private Nurseries are currently recruiting due to an increase in numbers at both nursery sites. If you are interested in working for Tiggers at either Tetbury or Cirencester, please apply below. 

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